farm share

When I received an email from a colleague about a farm share that would be delivering right to our building in the city, I literally yelled “YAY!” in my cubical.  A friend of mine had participated in the past, but she had to drive to pick it up every other week. I don’t own a car any more, so an out of the way pick up was the biggest deterrent.

From the Delaware Valley Farm Share website: Delaware Valley Farm Share, a partnership of Farm to City and Common Market Philadelphia, offers Farm Share deliveries to workplaces, community centers and places of worship. We provide 12 bi-weekly deliveries per season, of a handpicked assortment of fruits and vegetables plus a dozen eggs. We source directly from local family farms in PA, NJ & DE who follow earth-friendly farming methods. It’s a great way to stimulate productivity, elevate mood, and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle that benefits individuals as well as your workplace/organization on a whole.

I paid $243 for the share, which comes out to around $20 a delivery. Here’s the first delivery:

1002394_10103247410969233_751589671_nKale, butter lettuce, rainbow carrots, broccoli, raspberries, cherries, green beans, red cabbage and a dozen eggs. YES!

You really can’t beat these delicious, local veggies pretty much being delivered to your door step. I filled a reusable bag up and walked it home after work. Talk about convenience. After a quick Google search, it appears most large cities have CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs very similar to this one. I’ll update you on the deliveries each week, and let you know what I make with them!

Have you ever participated in a farm share? Where do you usually get your produce?


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