a healthier holiday

This past week was a doozy. First, it was a holiday week – a fourth of July day off in the middle of the week. Before that, a baseball game. After that, a wedding. And after that, a picnic with my mom. I crammed a lot into a very short space of time, and I’m tired.

Admittedly, these weeks both excite me and stress me out. As a social creature, I love interacting with others and having company. But it can be really hard to make healthy choices when running from event to event.

My mindset about this week was simple: eat as well as possible, avoid overindulging, and move my body when I could. While I wasn’t 100% perfectly clean in terms of eats (much wine was consumed July 4-5), I felt better this year than last. Quite frankly, last year isn’t too hard to beat (it involved a break-up followed by a Gossip Girl marathon and lots of potato chips. I’m in a much better [and happier] place now.)

So if I was grading myself, I’d earn a B-. I drank too much wine at a wedding, and I ate lots of processed food yesterday. But I didn’t eat too much. And I even got in a workout or two (and lots of dancing). It will all even out.

On an even brighter note, I got to rock a dress I haven’t worn in years, and my weight is the lowest it’s been in a while. I do weigh myself weekly, which I think is healthy, but I try not to obsess too much. Nevertheless, it felt good to see that number again. Even better to dance my heart out at that wedding.

My best friend and I before the wedding.

My best friend and I before the wedding.


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