setting goals

I really enjoyed Jenna’s last post recapping the Color Run and her fitness goals. And, like any good blog post, it inspired me to consider my own fitness goals.

Drenched in sweet & feeling strong.

Drenched in sweet & feeling strong.

For a while, I was a runner who would “phone it in.” My goals were simple: I would go running every other day, putting in 3 miles at a moderate pace on a treadmill. It wasn’t inspiring or fun. It helped me maintain my weight, but it didn’t tone my body. And it certainly didn’t challenge me.

At the time, I wasn’t mentally sound. I’d become a sad person, and my body began to resemble those emotions. I was overweight, tired, and unhappy: the beginnings of any typical weight-loss journey.

Then, I found Insanity. In truth, I had it for months before starting the program. Mentally, I wasn’t ready to get out of my routine rut. That was a convenient plan. But then I completed the program from January to March of this year. And I was hooked.

Afterward, I moved into half-marathon training and completed the Pittsburgh Half in May. I got my best time yet, and I credit Insanity and working hard. Since then, I’ve been taking a variety of hip hop classes and other workouts. So I’ve been ready to start a new program like  Focus T25.

For now, that is my goal. For the next 10 weeks, I will commit to this program. But I have a few other fitness goals, too.

Short Term Goals

  • Complete additional workouts on top of T-25. These include: hip hop classes, softball games, and walking.
  • Shed a few pounds, gain strength, and toning
  • Continue eating “clean”
  • Make the workouts “work” for me: fold them into busy days, allow space for social events and hobbies

Long Term Goals

  • Reach my goal weight or below (I have about 7 pounds to go) OR drop a clothing size/inches.
  • Run another half marathon in 2014. Beat my time from last year.
  • Maintain a balance of exercise and healthy eating as I move into a busier fall/winter.

What are your goals?


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