how bright is your sky?

I’m part of a challenge group on Facebook right now, competing a 60-day exercise journey. On Wednesday, my coach posted a poignant question, and I think one that often slips between the cracks when embarking upon a healthy lifestyle: Why are you doing this?

I think it’s important to be honest with yourself. Maybe you want to be healthy, and that’s admirable. Maybe you just want to look good, and that’s okay, too. Or maybe you want to improve your mental health and change the way you look at food.

To quote my coach: “That reason is so deep within your soul that only you know your true WHY.”


For me, I want a brighter sky (forgive me for the hippie moment, but it will make sense; I promise).

This means: keeping the momentum going and staying uplifted.

I’ve always been a chronic stop-and-start type of exercise/eater. I go through phases, and I think that’s natural. But sometimes it takes me longer to break out of a rut. And it’s almost always related to my mental stability.

Exercise and eating right is 50% mental for me. When I’m sad, I don’t eat well. When I’m stressed, I do stupid things. And when my head is not in the game, that just gives me ammunition to not care.

So why am I doing this? To stay sane. To stay happy and motivated. To feel uplifted in my life. To have a challenge and constantly be working toward something bigger. Notice that I don’t use the word “positive” because I think it’s okay to get down once in a while. As long as you break through those moments.

Ultimately, I want to be in the best shape of my life, and I want it to last. I want to work hard and push through challenging moments. But I can only do that if I take care of my soul first.

Why do you live a healthy life? Why do you exercise? Be honest.


2 thoughts on “how bright is your sky?

  1. Awesome post, Rose. I think its taken a long time and lots of inner reflection to get to the point where I too acknowledge that I eat better and exercise for my mental health and well being.
    I also love how I feel after a workout. It’s that sense of accomplishment that keeps me going, which is why it’s so great to have a place to share it.
    It ALSO doesn’t hurt to feel that satisfaction of a pair of pants being way looser than it was this time last year 🙂

  2. Oof, what a multi-layered question! And so timely for me right now, as I’m about to have a LOT more free time. So, why I exercise… to feel good (endorphins are real, yo), to look good (let’s be honest), to alleviate stress, to alleviate guilt (another multi-layered emotion for me). I’ve been working out at home more… sometimes I’ll compromise and do this workout I found on Instagram from Ellie (I reposted it too) with a few add-ins, and watch a Netflix episode while I do so. This way I get to stay in my air-conditioned bedroom but still get something in.

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