weekend success

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mine was great!

Friday I actually worked out BEFORE work. That’s right, in the morning. Who would have ever thought that would happen?! I agree wholeheartedly with Rose that T25 sure does allow for that to be possible. Who doesn’t have an extra 25 minutes? I just woke up a bit early and got it done.

Since I did that, after work was mine! I got a manicure/pedicure and enjoyed a night out with a friend. Hot dogs and vodka were consumed. Winning in my book!

Saturday morning I headed to a spin class. I really enjoy FlyWheel Sports, although it is a bit expensive. It’s not something I can do each week, but I really like it when I go. And I STILL haven’t found a 45 minute workout that can burn that many calories (think +700).

Sunday I ran a virtual 5k for National Fragile X Awareness Month. Check out more information here: www.fragilex.org


I also did my food prep for the week. Prepping food really helps me make good decisions and save some money throughout the week. I am much more likely to pack my lunch when everything is made and can just be thrown in a lunch bag. Lots of vegetables from this week’s CSA were prepped!



There you have it folks! I love the way I feel Sunday evenings after a weekend like this. It was the perfect mix of eating, living, and moving. I got a ton accomplished during the time I didn’t mention here, and I felt like I had a clear and open mind going into this hectic work week.

What did you do this weekend?  


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