Rose: Freeze Your Fruit

So, I’m probably new to this already-existing trend, but it’s a godsend. Buying fruit in bulk and freezing it!


I’m always looking for ways to save dough. On the weekends, I drink green smoothies instead of Shakeology (to make shakey last longer). My ideal combination? Spinach, almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, one banana, 2 tbsp. of chia seeds, PB, and oats. It’s a kick to the gut! And, as you can tell, it always requires frozen fruits.

I used to buy frozen fruit in bulk at the grocery store, but it was always expensive. This method is cheaper, and I feel better about it.

Tip: If you can, freeze your bananas in individual bags. It’s easier to pop them out that way. It’s easier to unlock the strawberries and blueberries from one another. Not so much with the ‘naners but I was low on gallon bags this month.

Got any quick tips for making food last?


3 thoughts on “Rose: Freeze Your Fruit

  1. I freeze my bananas too! My best method has been letting them get extra ripe, then breaking them in half and freezing like 4 1/2s to one sandwich baggie. I’ve also noticed that for some reason they do ripen more in the freezer (but slowly) so I generally just do one bunch at a time otherwise its not a good situation. I buy the frozen berries from TJs though.

    Other things I like to freeze… lemon juice in small ice cube trays, heavy cream in cube trays, chopped up sweet potatoes to roast up quickly without all that chopping, the 100 cal packs of wholly guacamole, individual portions of pretty much anything I make in the crockpot… I love my freezer!

  2. I love doing this too! My last CSA came with a ton of peaches, and I knew I wouldn’t use them all. I sliced those babies up and froze them! I also just bought a ton of bananas and will do the same. Smoothies pack a ton of fruit in them which is great, but they sure do go quick! love this.

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