Jenna: Exercise Schedule

Hello! Sorry I missed posting yesterday, but I’ll be back this afternoon too!

I enjoyed Rose’s post and wanted to write out my schedule. I ended up being at work a bit late yesterday and then had dinner plans, so I missed a work out. Today is a new day! I also have a family trip this weekend (yay for seeing Rose!) so I wanted to sketch out a plan to help keep me on track:

Monday: T25 total body
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 2 hour yoga
Thursday: T25 Cardio
Friday: T25 speed (this will have to be done in the morning)
Saturday: Run
Sunday: T25 or bike ride


What has this week looked like for you? Does sticking to a schedule help hold you accountable?


2 thoughts on “Jenna: Exercise Schedule

  1. I typically don’t make a schedule cause it all really depends on how sore I am, how much sleep I get, what plans pop up, etc. I just aim to be active everyday in some way and usually that is enough to keep me on track.

  2. I make a schedule most weeks, but sometimes I go off course. It happens. Like Elle, I try and be active every day in some way to keep on track.

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