Rose: My Grandmother’s Garden

This week is moving too fast again. I’m not sure why this is happening this summer, but the season feels so fleeting. I’ve been pulled in several directions – at work, home, and personally. But I’m taking those quiet moments with myself to relish in what I’ve got going in this life, trying hard not to get too bogged down by what I don’t.

Last night, I puttered around the garden and spent some time photographing my vegetables. What a thing – to grow food in the earth. To have little tomatoes ripen a bit more each day. To assist your cucumbers in not strangling one another (seriously).


I saw my father over the weekend and he reminded me of our family’s ultimate compliment: “You’ve got a bit of Magadalene in you.” Magdalene is my grandmother, who, at 96 years old, is just now slowing down. That woman remains one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. And so, it is a compliment when someone says that you’ve got a bit of her personality within your own.

He said this in reference to my garden, when I said I’d bring him home some lettuce. All of those years spent weeding in my grandmother’s garden have led to this. She taught me so much back then, and sometimes I feel sad I only retain just a bit of it. But something must have stuck. Because my crops are fruitful this year. This is my first time growing food in this space, and it’s working. I’m fueling my body with self-created sustenance.


What a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “Rose: My Grandmother’s Garden

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