Jenna: Fitting in workouts

Hello friends! Sorry for the brief hiatus in blog posts. Rose and I have both had a lot going on.

Anyway, last week was my birthday! I enjoyed some cake, beer, and a cheeseburger. It was delightful. My stomach wasn’t very happy the day after, but we got back on the healthy eats wagon a few days later and all is well.

I took Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off from working out last week.

Positive: The rest made me able to do some intense working out. Saturday, I biked approximately 16 miles, did an hour and a half of yoga, and pushed my bike up a pretty intense hill. (I promise to better document these adventures in the future). I also ate really clean!

I also ran to 3 miles Sunday, even though my legs were feeling tired. I love Sunday runs.


The not so positive, is that it is hard to get back into the swing of things and into a routine. I have plans almost each night this week after work. My usually tactic is to change into workout clothes immediately, and just get it done. That may not work this week, and that is stressing me out.

Now that its Thursday, I can report that things have been going pretty well. I changed into workout clothes right away Tuesday and Wednesday, and fit in some quick and efficient workouts before the evening got away from me.

It’s all about balance. I’ve been able to leave work at reasonable hours all of this week, or else this wouldn’t have happened. I’m grateful that the little bit of work I’ve had to complete after hours has been able to get done post workout.

This morning at work, someone asked me what I did last night. They knew I was exhausted yesterday, so when I mentioned I ran a few miles last night, they said, “Wow! That’s great that you fit that in”. I responded, “The thing is, I never WANT to work out. But I FEEL so much better after. It keeps me sane.”

I surprised my self a little.


3 thoughts on “Jenna: Fitting in workouts

  1. Gosh, this happens to me all the time. I almost never feel like doing it, but it makes me feel so much better. It’s a lot easier with T25, too, and less daunting. Every time I’m like: this is only 25 minutes. How bad can this be? Glad you had such a good week, Jenna!

  2. I have the same problem! I *never* want to work out when I get home at the end of the day (and I already have to get up at 5AM for work so I’m not about to start getting up at 4:30 to fit in morning workouts). I have had a lot of success with switching to just doing 20 minutes of fairly intense activity (sprint intervals, weights interspersed with jumping jacks or mountain climbers, etc.). I always feel better afterwards, and “just 20 minutes” doesn’t seem to onerous.

    I also try to do some “mini workouts” during the day–I work in a high rise office building so 2x a day I will walk down and back up 10 flights of stairs (takes less than 10 minutes, I figure it’s a healthier version of the cigarette/coffee/snack breaks that many co-workers take). After a couple of months, my legs were starting to look amazing!

  3. That’s awesome Catherine! I’m on the 24th floor, but I bet I could take the stairs a few times a week as well for some extra cardio. I think the “only 20 minutes” mindset is super helpful. It makes it seem so much more doable and achievable.

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