Rose: Getting out in nature

I went to my parents’ house over the weekend and got to spend some time in nature. This is what I especially love about our visits. Lots of walks. Open space. Room to breathe.

photo (6)

Sometimes I forget how much I need nature. While my backyard is lush, it’s still small. And even if it’s Pittsburgh, I still live in a city. You only have so much room to roam. So I really relish these times back home.

I was reminded this weekend of how important it is to spend time outdoors. It gives my brain a recharge. When I was a child, I would have never thought I’d spend the bulk of my life behind a computer screen. I’m not complaining; that’s just my reality. This means I need to spend my weeknights wisely, lounging on the porch while the weather is warm, being social, active. These are the only moments I have to do so, really.

It’s all about that balance we keep talking about. How do you balance life indoors versus out? Working versus lounging? Being social and alone?

Over the next coming months, I am going to need my word for the year – fortitude – in achieving a balance for myself. I’m about to take some big, huge steps for my career and personal life. These are moves I’m excited about and know will be fruitful. But, as with any big change, there comes along a giant, transitional hump.  Change is fun but not easy. It takes awareness and understanding that not everything will fall into place right away.

So I plan on using the outdoors to recharge and unwind. To remind that with any new change comes big and wonderful things. Here’s to the next chapter. More details soon.



One thought on “Rose: Getting out in nature

  1. I try to get outside as much as possible now. Even if it’s just sitting on the patio and reading. With work, I was spending so much time inside with recycled air that getting outside for fresh became something I craved. I would be sprinting home after work just to make sure I could get outside before it got dark.

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