Back-to-School Challenge Group

Even if you aren’t back to school, now is the perfect time to start new habits. This month, Jenna and I will be hosting our first-ever private challenge group. Are you looking put health and fitness at the forefront? Here’s your chance to tackle a new goal with a committed group of men and women.


For one month, you will commit to being part of our free challenge group. Each week Jenna and I will post a new fitness or health goal. Though obtainable, these goals will test your strength and willpower. The idea is to commit – for 30 days – to a series of small goals that will contribute to your overall health.

Jenna and I will be running the group through Facebook. If you agree to participate, you’ll be invited to join the group on FB. We’ll be posting a weekly goal as well as daily reminders and tips. The idea is to be casual yet committed. And you’ll get to interact with a great group of individuals.

For those not on Facebook, we’ll be posting some updates on the blog, and you can participate that way. Head over to the Nine to Five Balance on Facebook to sign up, or post in the comments.

We hope you’ll join us!


Jenna & Rose




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