Jenna: A few reasons I love yoga

For a while, I was lucky enough to attend donation yoga classes that were pretty much private lessons. My teacher is currently studying in India, so I am no longer able to attend those.

However, thanks to Lululemon, I’ve been attending a free 1.5 hour community yoga class outside. They do these in most big cities where they have stores, so if you live near one I’d encourage you to ‘like’ their local store Facebook page for updates. These classes are Saturday mornings at 9am. It’s about 3 miles from my house so I’ve had the luxury of riding my bike to and from.


These classes have been amazing. I’ve really liked that there is a different teacher each time. They all have had different styles, which has allowed me to learn a lot more. Here’s just a few reasons I love yoga:

Strength: I have gotten  A LOT stronger. Yes, I work strength into my other workouts, but yoga gets you strong in different ways. Most importantly, it pushes you to do more. I can do asanas now that I couldn’t even get close to doing a few months ago. It’s really helped me realize how strong I am.

Encouragement: Each move has modifications. As much as yoga encourages you to push yourself and reach beyond your comfort zone, there is also the comfort of child’s pose always there. I feel like this has made me stick with it instead of getting overly frustrated.

Meditation: Most of the classes I’ve been to work some element of meditation in. Some more than others. I really enjoy this time to connect with myself, tune everything else out, and truly be in the moment.

Self Appreciation: This is something that yoga taught me, and I try to work it into all my work outs. I really value it. Self appreciation. Take some time to thank yourself-not the program, pinterest link, or magazine article-for doing the work. Every time you practice or work out you are doing something for yourself that is really important. Feel proud, and take time to appreciate you and the fact that you value yourself enough to spend the time taking care of yourself.


As the weather will turn too cold soon, these classes are only for a few more weeks and I have scheduling conflicts with both. I’m sad to see them end, and now have to hopefully find a studio that doesn’t break the bank.


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