Jenna: Good Morning Travel

Happy Friday! Since its a holiday weekend, I bet a lot of people are traveling to see family and friends. This is probably a topic that has been beaten to death on blogs, but I always feel like it’s good to “talk” through my thoughts on things like this to make them easier to navigate.

I have a 7am flight, so that meant a cab around 5am. I HATE waking up that early so cooking (or a smoothie) at home was not an option. I literally woke up about ten minutes before I had to be out the door.

Once I got to the airport, the choices began. Sure, I could eat the bacon, egg, cheese croissant. But I would suffer for it all day. A restaurant that’s known for crappy options actually has some ok ones if you look: Dunkin Donuts.

I got a Egg and Cheese Wake Up wrap with an iced coffee with a dash of cream.


I hope you can read that image, it’s from my phone. Anyway, I try to watch sodium in fast food and this has about 420mgs (not awful) and 150 calories. And the coffee is delicious.


I also packed some snacks cause I am sure I will be hungry in an hour or so.

I’m off to buy a bottle of water! Have a great day!

Here’s hoping I can balance this weekend!

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