Rose: In need of rest

This weekend was my birthday. I also attended a going-away party, a wedding, and a pre-football game gathering with family. It was social and busy. And, though I’m smiling in this picture, I ended the weekend feeling exhausted, drained, and unhealthy.

photo (8)

I let myself overindulge in a big way this weekend. It started Friday evening at a dinner with my parents followed by cake and ice cream at my brother’s. I stayed up late. Saturday felt like a slough. And though the boyfriend and I had a fantastic dinner at Isabella on Grandview, I ended my birthday watching a movie on the couch. At that point, I couldn’t fathom another social get-together or glass of wine. The movie time was just what I needed.

But social time came again quickly – with a Sunday wedding that stretched from 4 p.m. to midnight. It was a high point in the weekend but, again, it left me drained. I tried my best to recover with the day off, but that held more social engagements. I got to see Jenna, her brother and parents who were visiting town for a football game. Always a good time with these FSU fans!


But after that was a late-night goodbye party at a nearby bar. I got home around 10:15 p.m., but I was completely and utterly wiped out. I took a sick day yesterday as a result. I needed time to rest and relax. I needed time for my body to recover from all I’d done to it.

Sometimes I forget to treat my body with the respect it deserves. I do well from Monday through Friday, and then I let the weekend take over. While it’s fun in the moment, it exhausts my body thoroughly.

As I embark upon a new chapter in my life, I’m going to remember to slow down. Take time to breathe. Not overbook myself with social events or too much wine. Keep things in balance.

I’m no longer the super human of my yesteryears. And in order to feel healthy and refreshed, I need proper time to rest, relax, and unwind.

How do you keep things in balance when your social calendar is packed?


One thought on “Rose: In need of rest

  1. I’m glad you took the day off Rose, that’s some good self-respect right there. That IS a lot in one wknd or even in a month of wknds! I have established a reputation for only going to events to make an appearance, only having one drink, etc. I usually decline stuff because I need me time pretty bad. I catch a little heat for it but oh well.

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