Rose: September Intentions

I was reading Food Embrace this morning when I remembered the idea of monthly intentions. One of my favorite bloggers writes these intentions monthly, crafting a list of small-yet-achievable goals. I like this concept better than yearly resolutions. Those are so easy to break when life throws a curve in your direction.


Since this will be a month of change, I think it’s best to create a personal list of September Intentions. I’m doing this in an effort to create balance and tranquility for a time that may be trying. I’ve never been quite good with change. It takes me a while to adapt to a new living environment and feel at peace. I’m always so eager to assimilate and feel that it’s old hat. And so, I want to remember to be kind to myself this month.

  • Listen. I want to spend time with Pittsburgh friends and family before I go. Listen to their stories. Catch up with their lives.
  • Meditate. I want to spend some quiet time with myself this month. Going on canal walks. Sitting on my new balcony. I want to take in my new life and see its new beauty. I want to stay in touch with how I’m feeling.
  • Maintain. I want to stay healthy, continue moving, and maintain my “clean eating” routines. I don’t want this month to give me a reason to give up on my goals.
  • Open-up. It takes me a while to open up at a new job or new environment. I want to embrace the change with fortitude. I want to assert myself kindly. I want to be myself from the forefront.

With everything I do this month, I intend on keeping my word for the year – fortitude – close by. It was the perfect word for such a changing year.

What are your intentions this month?


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