Jenna: Tackling Excuses

Whenever I take a much needed break from my routine, I’ve noticed something that happens when I’m trying to get back on track: excuses. I’ve also noticed throughout my journey for balance that it is SO mental.

Excuses pop up constantly. I try to rationalize that I’m “just really busy”, and why it’s ok to not get back to my healthy habits immediately. Thankfully, I’ve done a great job of getting back on the wagon this week after a crazy Labor Day weekend. However, I put a call out on our Facebook page for excuses that pop up. Here’s my response to them, as well as a few of my own. Read these next time your mind is trying to take you out.

“Tomorrow”…: Next time this pops in your head, remember that YESTERDAY you said “Tomorrow’. If not today, then when?
Tip for tackling: Make a meal plan and workout schedule. A work out doesn’t have to be listed each day, but when you make the schedule, commit and stick to it. Put it in your planner. Consider it a very important meeting with yourself.

“Happy Hour”: What’s better than Happy Hour, especially after a really long and stressful day? I’ll tell you: a work out that won’t make you feel like crap the next day. You know why Happy Hour is evil? Because its never just Happy Hour. It’s Happy two or three hours, which leads to getting the alcohol munchies. You ALWAYS eat at the bar. You get home around 8:30p, slightly buzzed and ready for bed. You’re busy; you don’t have that precious time to waste.
Tip for tackling: Just say no. Skip it. OR Schedule it, and commit to your workouts and hydration the rest of the week. You can also make a deal with yourself. i.e. “I will have only one glass of wine, followed by two glasses of water and a short workout when I get home”.

“Cause I am tired from the work day or I don’t want to change”: When you first start exercising regularly, you will be super tired. Your body will adjust. I know that work can be exhausting, but if you use this as an excuse each day it will never happy. A 25 minute circuit workout or two-mile run works great on those days when you are feeling extra run down. Besides, working out gives your energy!
Tip for tackling: Change into your work out clothes as soon as you get home. If you’re still too tired to make it happen, don’t. Chances are this extra step will take some of the guess work out and you’ll get it done.

“I don’t have time”: Life is crazy. Really crazy. And this is where priorities have to come in. Taking care of yourself HAS to be a priority. No one can do it for you. If you can’t fit it in after work, wake up 30 minutes early. Stay up 30 minutes later. Make it happen.

Tip for tackling: A lot of the tips above apply here as well. Schedule. Change when you get home. Just DO it.

What excuses pop into your head?



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