Rose: In Transition

I’ve been a little off the radar this week. It’s understandable, considering this is the current state of my living room:


At this point everything that could be boxed has been. I’m living out of a laundry basket and box of toiletries. My refrigerator is in sorry condition. But thankfully I’ve continued to push play on my T25 workout DVDs. I even managed to sneak in a hip hop class last evening.

This week has been bittersweet. As I packed up my belongings, I was reminded of all that I’ve gained by living in Pittsburgh. A closeness with my family. A tight knit circle of friends. A professional background that prepared me for the next step.

And while I’m sad to say goodbye to what’s been my home of three years, I’m also ready for a new journey. I look forward to seeing how I thrive (and survive) in a new, smaller town. I’m curious how I’ll change or how new life will be. What will I get into? What hobbies will I pursue? What events will I attend? When will I make friends, and who will they be?

For now, I anticipate many evenings spent slowly next to the lake (yes, I’m going to be living near a lake!) and the peace it will bring me. I look forward to being close to my boyfriend. I am eager to start my work at the University. And though I’m sad to be creating some distance between me and the ones I love, I can’t help but think this is the start of something big.

For months I’ve been desperate for a change, but I didn’t know what. I didn’t think it’d come in this form, but I’m glad it did. Right here is exactly where I want to be. Here’s to handling the transition with grace and fortitude.


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