Jenna: Cloudy

As Rose mentioned, life has been a little nutty around here later. I apologize for the lack of posts, but unfortunately when things get busy my extracurricular enjoyments get put to the back burner.

I have done my best these last few crazy weeks to still fit in workouts. Now that I am at a point where I actually ENJOY working out, that makes things a lot easier. (If you happen to have found our blog because you are trying to balance working a full time crazy job with a healthy lifestyle, I promise that it does get easier.) I fit in free yoga last Saturday and a couple of long bike rides. I even managed to run 5 miles last Friday night.

Currently, I’m sitting on a plane flying back from a work trip. This trip took me to a different time zone, which always throws me off. I am pretty exhausted. When I get exhausted, I don’t handle stress well. Things feel extremely overwhelming. I’m not eating as good, so I tend to not feel very well. It’s really hard to fit in workouts. Work seems 10 times harder because it takes a lot of energy to do things right when you’re super tired. There have been lots of tears the last week or so. Things just seem a little out of whack for me.

I re read Rose’s post here which helped. I think when trying to achieve balance, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Pressure to be the best at work, the best at meeting out goals, the best at being there for each of our friends/family. Making sure we drink enough water, eat clean food, and getting in a workout. It’s just a lot. (I forgot my parents anniversary yesterday. That is SO not like me). I’m trying to remember that giving 110% to everything is not always possible. Something often has to give. Balance can sometimes be the realignment of priorities. This flight has been really cloudy and bumpy. Kind of like how I’ve been feeling lately. 1761

I am going to spend this weekend catching up, relaxing, and hopefully spending some time recharging. Spending some time with myself, and figuring out how I can make myself a bit happier. I get really wrapped up in being everything to other people (friends, family, colleagues) and can some times forget about myself.

Here’s to knowing that “courage doesn’t always roar, but is often that voice inside your head that says ‘We will get up and try again tomorrow’.”


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