Rose: DIY Bookcase

Moving always incites a slew of household repairs and fix-it projects. One thing I always love to do – when time permits – is repurpose old furniture and materials into something new. I’m not exactly a handy (wo)man, but to get the best bang for your buck, as they say, you sometimes have to go outside of your comfort zone. Which is exactly what I did with this old bookcase:

photo (1)

I was in need of a new TV stand and thought this bookcase might serve me well. I spent a while sanding this puppy down, and then M spent several evenings painting it this vibrant blue. My new living room includes shades of blue, orange, maroon, and sage green, so this blue seemed to match well. I was ecstatic about how this turned out in the end. I even bought vases to go next to it with beautiful Japanese lantern flowers (these cost a pretty penny – totally worth it).


I’m in love with the new look. AND this piece holds all the DVDS, too. Beautiful AND functional. What more could a girl want?

PS: I realize this post isn’t about health or fitness, but this is how I balance. I create. I make things. I enjoy art, and it brings the right kind of balance to my busy life.


4 thoughts on “Rose: DIY Bookcase

  1. I love it! One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our studio is a set of drawers that we rescued and refinished. They are gorgeous and so much nicer than anything we would have found new!

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