Rose: Exploring Jersey

Throughout my life, I’ve had emotional relocations.

When I was 22, I jumped head first into the rat race of Washington, D.C., a landscape unlike any place I’d ever lived. I soon learned that I didn’t like big cities, that meeting people was hard, and that working too much was easy. So, at 26, I retreated back “home” to the friendly small city of Pittsburgh, which was a nice home for many years — until I grew professionally restless. Now, at 29, I’ve moved to a place that seems perfect for what I want: a small town with a neighborly feel (like Pittsburgh). But job opportunities and access to culture (like DC.)

In moving around a few times, I’ve found that part of finding balance in a new home is realizing what you love about it.

Lately, Princeton has held some amazing sunsets. And, judging from Instagram, others are having equally beautiful ends-of-days. There’s something so charming about fall and the way its colors take hold in the leaves and the sky. I wish this time was more endless.


I grew up disliking New Jersey for obvious reasons like: it’s not as good as Pennsylvania. I’m debunking those myths by town-hopping. The Garden State is loaded with cute little neighborhoods, and I sought them out this past weekend. M and I dined at this cute Mexican joint in Frenchtown. I love the way all the Jersey towns look the same: a main street loaded with shops. And across the river – you can walk there – is Pennsylvania. It feels good being so close to home.


We scouted another friendly town when we visited Bordentown. The main drag was alive with an arts and crafts festival, and I came home with lots of loot. Gotta class up the joint somehow, eh? At the end of the day, we found Bordentown Beach and shot this picture:


There’s a lot to love about this little state I grew up thinking as a rival. And I feel like I’m fitting right in.


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