Weekend in DC

This weekend I was fortunate to travel to Washington, DC, to attend the wedding of two good friends: Maria and Brian. I’ve known this pair since my stint in the nation’s capitol, and we’ve remained in touch over the years. They asked me to do a reading, and it was great being able to take part in their wedding that way (even if I was nervous). Everything about the evening was perfect, and it was the kind of ceremony where you can tell the union makes so much sense.


M and I headed to Washington on Friday, since I had a planned day off. The drive there was absolutely miserable due to rain and thus began my weekend of binge eats. This doesn’t happen to me often anymore but when it does it can be catastrophic. Basically I threw caution to the wind and left my normal everyday eats back in Jersey.

After arriving nearly 6 hours later, we relaxed at the B&B and then strolled around town in the rain. At first, it was fun, but then we became wet and cold. Finally, we found a moment of respite in a little tea shack we found nestled in Foggy Bottom. It was luck stumbling across this gem: the District Tea Lodge. We both sipped our warm tea mugs and made friends with the employees.


We had dinner at Founding Farmers and it was delicious though the service was questionable. The next day we decided to visit a beer establishment that my friends Kate and Rob have talked about before: Birch and Barley. We got several 4 ounce pours and were not disappointed. I haven’t had beer in so long; it reminded me why I love IPAs so much!

image (1)

Sunday morning, after the wedding, we went to brunch at Lavagna in Eastern Market. As you can tell, the eating continued. I got to see my old gang from the DC days, and it was great catching up with them. Two of them are even now parents! Funny how life moves and changes.

By the time we returned Sunday evening, I was feeling bloated and tired. I’d done a number to my body throughout the weekend, and so, it was good to return to normal ways of living. I hit the grocery store and got back into my T25 routine, sweating it out the way that feels best.

image (2)

While I love traveling, it’s always so good to be home! I’m thankful to have gotten to see my old friends (though thankful to be back in my routine!)


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