Rose: A New Scarf Rack

I have few clothing addictions – but collecting scarves is one of them. Since 2009, I’ve acquired more than 30 scarves! I know, I know. Will I ever wear that many scarves in a month, a year, etc.? I’ve done well so far, housing my scarves in a place I could see (an over-the-door shoe holder). But since I moved to NJ, I’ve wanted a more permanent place for these garments. A place where I could see them and know what to wear. I’ve been relying much too heavily on my white scarf as of late (it goes with everything).

Ta-da! A Towel Bar turned Scarf Holder.

scarf holder

This was installed directly into the wall, much like you’d do with a bathroom towel bar. I then used shower curtain rings, looped the scarves through, and secured them on the bar. The bar is holding around 20 scarves in the photo above, and I have a few more rings in case I buy more.

I love it. It adds a splash of color to the white walls in my hallway. And now I can literally SEE my scarves and decide what to wear each day. This has made matching so much easier. Before, my scarfs were all lying in a Tupperware bin in the closet: stupid idea. I think I’ve finally figured out the best way to display such pretty accessories.

How do you store your scarves?


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