Rose: October Intentions

Last month, I set some intentions for myself. It was the month of my move, and I was trying to be kind to myself. I stumbled across these while looking through old posts and thought I’d revisit my September intentions and whether I followed through:

September Intentions

Listen. I want to spend time with Pittsburgh friends and family before I go. Listen to their stories. Catch up with their lives.

I did this to the best of my ability. I had a going-away dinner. I spent more time with my neighbors and besties. I saw my family as often as I could. I treasured the time I had left.

Meditate. I want to spend some quiet time with myself this month. Going on canal walks. Sitting on my new balcony. I want to take in my new life and see its new beauty. I want to stay in touch with how I’m feeling.

Yes! I did this! However, I didn’t sit on the balcony as much as I wanted. Darkness and chills got in the way. But I have taken great advantage of the canal path near my apartment. Walks have been on the agenda, and I even went running this past Sunday for the first time. I love where I live!

Maintain. I want to stay healthy, continue moving, and maintain my “clean eating” routines. I don’t want this month to give me a reason to give up on my goals.

I am only doing “okay” with this. I’m not eating nearly as clean as I did in July, when I joined my first challenge group. Most of the week, I do fine. It’s the weekends where I hit some problems. Food on the fly has become a norm, as well as wine. I am only human.

Open-up. It takes me a while to open up at a new job or new environment. I want to embrace the change with fortitude. I want to assert myself kindly. I want to be myself from the forefront.

I am really trying with this. I try and make joke at staff meetings or join in the hallway conversation when I hear topics that interest me. But I can still feel myself being reserved. However, I did make a few new friends (yay!), so that’s progress. I hope to continue opening up, especially at work.

And even though October is almost over, it’s never too late to set some intentions. For the next week or so, I’ll keep these in mind:

October Intentions

Be true. I want to speak up regarding what I want. I will value my time and protect it. I’ll do only things that bring me joy. I’ll avoid feeling guilty if I can’t “do it all.” I’ll follow my heart and see where that leads me.

Relax. I want to read a book for fun. I want to go on walks without my iPhone. I want to go running and immerse myself in music. I want to sit in the middle of nowhere and do nothing for a while.

Laugh. I want to enjoy this time I have through humor. I want to delight in the company of others.

Here’s to the rest of a beautiful fall month!


2 thoughts on “Rose: October Intentions

  1. Great intentions Rose! It’s definitely hard when moving to a new place to be open to meeting new people. Everything is so *new* that it can be a little disorienting (while still being exciting). I’m about to get my intention post up today as well. I didn’t do quite as well as I hoped but still did a pretty good job!

    • I love these, Andrea! You are my inspiration. It’s nice to just post a few short goals per month. Very manageable and something I can accomplish. I like it!

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