Jenna: Eating at the Office

As I prepare to start the  Clean Eating challenge (full disclosure: I was cleaning out the fridge and currently have left over pizza sitting in front of me), I got to thinking about food prep and what I eat. I have been brainstorming easy, clean food to bring to work. I’ll have to pack more to be sure that I can set myself up for success.

This then got me thinking about how people react to what others eat. It seems like its a slight obsession in our culture.


People always have something to say regarding food choices, and they usually have more to say when you’re making a healthy selection. If I bring a green smoothie or juice to my desk, I get at least 3 people that stop and ask me what it is, why would I drink something that color, etc. I try to take these opportunities to share why I have chosen my selection but I do always find it interesting. And sometimes annoying.

For this reason, along with many others (like donut or bagel fridays), an office environment can often work against your healthy living goals. In your personal life, you can choose to surround yourself with people who drive your goals and positive outlook. At work, you can’t always choose who you are forced to be around and spend time with.

Here’s a few things I thought of to help stay on track in the office: 

  • Pack your food. And actually eat it. It’s not rocket science that you’ll make better decisions, portions, and overall choices when you are in total control.
  • If you do eat out, don’t see it as a treat. Leave that for the weekend. Grab a healthy salad or lean protein/veggies.
  • Pass whenever people offer cake, candy, donuts, pizza…the usual. If you want to indulge, take only half.
  • Offer to share the love and bring something in next time: like a veggie tray, salad to share, or greek yogurt parfaits.
  • Stock your healthy snack drawer with healthy fats, Lara bars, kind bars, and low sodium crackers. This way, you’ll be full and less likely to indulge the sugar cravings when they hit throughout the day.

How do you combat the office environment when it comes to sticking to your healthy eats?


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