Rose: All Things Orange

Right now, I am loving all things orange. This is no surprise since it’s fall, and the season is ripe with rustic hues. And, ever since I bought my orange coffee table a few months back, I’ve been in love with the pop of color orange provides. Recently the sky decided to match my indoor decors. I can’t get enough of these sunsets:


I dusted off my old DSLR camera this weekend and decided to discover orange. I haven’t taken photographs in so long, but I was happy with how a few turned out. In an effort to “decorate” I bought a few gourds from a roadside stand. It’s incredible how $3 worth of root vegetables can change the feel of a living room. Plus, this mosaic-tiled dish I bought at a recent arts and crafts fair. I love the contrast of blue, orange, and off white:


The living room has white walls and was lacking a pop of color against them. Pier One Imports to the rescue. These fake Japanese lanterns cost a pretty penny but they were worth every dime. And thankfully, Scone has only chewed on them once or twice.


A brighter way to start the morning. You can always find orange hiding among the shelves of a refrigerator. These placemats are old but still provide nice patterns against dark wood.


I liked my Sunday afternoon of exploring. It’s amazing what you can find within your own home. I need to use my camera more often!


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