Rose: Travel Eating

So, let me just tell you: it’s not easy eating clean while traveling. I did my best, really. I packed healthy snacks in my suitcase. I told the B&B lady to give me oatmeal and fruit every  morning. I avoided the afternoon conference cookies (but did partake in too many cups of coffee). But those dinners, man. Those are what got me while I spent a few days in slightly sunny Florida.


It’s so extremely hard to not fall into “vacation mode” while traveling. I just want a glass of wine at every dinner! And dessert! I’d like to say I tried my best with those dinners, but I didn’t. I let myself eat whatever I want, and I was paying for it. Bloat city. Feeling icky. The trip did a number on me in terms of diet.

But I was able to move my body while there, which was nice. I got to hike around Manatee Springs Park, and boy was it ever beautiful. I haven’t seen water so blue since I was in St. Martin’s back in 2011:


I’d say we got to hike about 5 or 6 miles one day since the conference sessions were a bust. I was happy to get outdoors, finally! The Florida wilderness is a unique space. Like New Jersey, I think people often think of beaches when they think of Florida. But where I visited was nothing like that. Think: trees for miles, swamps for days, and tons of greenery.

cyprus forest

We also got to visit a sinkhole nearby the conference site. This was just a quick jaunt – maybe about 15 minutes down into the earth. I was happy to reconnect with some swampy pools:


So, all in all, the trip was a success. I learned a lot of applicable things for my job, and I also got to see a bit of nature. But those dinners … I do wish I could take back a few of those. But I’m back on the Clean Eating train. I went grocery shopping immediately upon coming home and quickly threw together a clean soup recipe. Now I won’t starve! And I also won’t overindulge either.

How do you handle your diet while traveling?


One thought on “Rose: Travel Eating

  1. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures! I’m not very militant with myself about any eating regimen. I don’t take many work trips, but when I do it’s just like vacation as far as eating goes – sometimes worse because of the odd hours that can occur. I don’t fret over it because I know I’m pretty well behaved when I’m at home. It’s all about balance!

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