Rose: Eats & Moves (as of late)

It’s been a tricky month or so with traveling and work. However, I’m back home and settled now and enjoying some of my favorite things. In terms of moves, I’ve been feeling the need to ramp up my exercise regime for quite some time. While T25 keeps me fit and focused, I want to burn a few more calories once in a while. Enter an old favorite: Insanity. I “pushed play” last week, and I could definitely feel it. I was sweating like you wouldn’t believe, and my body was quite incredibly sore the next day. It was all totally and completely worth it, however.

photo (4)

But you know, exercise is only so good if you are eating right. After spending five days without Shakeology down in Florida, I was in a pure state of joy when my next shipment arrived. I know other Shakeology fans can attest to this excitement. No matter the price, it’s just nice knowing I have one meal a day covered in terms of dense, pure nutrition. This starts my brain and body better than any other breakfast. So finally, I am on track again!

photo (5)

I also whipped up a clean soup last week. This recipe is simple but delicious. The coconut milk really gives this soup a hearty texture, and it goes down quite smooth. I also love, love the combination of turkey (protein!) and peas (carbs!). I even improvised a little with this. Absentmindedly, I had forgotten to purchase two cans of tomato sauce (though I had one on hand). So I quickly figured out how to make tomato sauce from tomato paste (it’s simple: for one 6 oz. can, add 1 cup of water. You may need to add spices accordingly; I did not.) There, now you know something new.

photo (6)

How are you eating and moving these days? It feels oh so good to be back on track again.


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