Rose: Walks with my Dad

Now that I live farther away, trips home are being added to the schedule. There’s something to be said about spending quality time with the ones you love. I believe that it, in many ways, trumps quantity.

Now that my dad is following a healthier lifestyle, he always asks me to go walking. We’re talkers, so this is the perfect kind of exercise to get us moving. It is during these walks that I confide in my father and let him know where I stand in life. We’ve shared these kinds of discussions since I was a tike, so they are wonderfully and perfectly routine. On Saturday, we were able to slip away to one of our favorite trails – the Staple Bend Tunnel in western PA.

photo (3)

The sights were beautiful, and we were disappointed that M couldn’t join us (he was feeling under the weather, back at the house). We made sure to capture photos he’d enjoy, like this beautiful rock formation with tiny crystal icicles. I can’t believe it’s cold enough outside to freeze water! I am in denial about the impending march of winter.

photo (2)

We didn’t walk terribly far on Saturday – maybe about 3 miles. But a lot was covered in those three miles. Discussions about work, the future, saving up money and being responsible. All things fathers like to hear. And I was happy to confide and share those thoughts with my father. He’s never steered me wrong and has been a trusted adviser to me throughout my life.

photo (1)

I’m so thankful for the time we got to spend this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Rose: Walks with my Dad

  1. As you should be! Sounds like a wonderful exercise, in all meanings of the word 🙂 this makes me extra excited to be home with my family again soon. Sending healthy thoughts to M in the mean time!

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