Jenna: Work Gym

It’s gotten really cold lately. Since I walk to and from work, I have been losing a lot of motivation to work out once I get home and I am out of the cold.

My work has a gym in the building that’s only about $15. I decided to join! So far it’s been going well. I actually went to the gym and did my own mini spin class last Friday night. Still got home around 6pm! Friday workouts rarely ever happen.


I’ve really enjoyed having such a cheap, convenient and different option to mix it up with. Another night last week I squeezed in a workout before meeting a friend for dinner. Score!

I also fit in my first lunchtime workout this week since I had an event to go to. Nothing like a 3 mile run over lunch! I felt accomplished.


After an arm circuit, I showered, changed and headed back to my cubical.

I’m really enjoying the work gym so far.

How do you make your cold weather workouts work?! Anyone else have work gym feedback?


One thought on “Jenna: Work Gym

  1. Someone in our office recently brought in an Air Climber. It’s not much, but it is a nice break from sitting in a cubicle and it’s easy to just hop on and step while something is heating in the microwave or waiting on program code to compile. We don’t have showers so I wouldn’t want to do a full-on workout at work, knowing that I couldn’t freshen up after.
    I go downhill fast in the winter. Over the last two winters, I have done the Insanity program but I don’t have that “Push Play” attitude this winter. I’ve been considering paying for a class for the first time in my life – just to get me doing something.

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