Thanksgiving Recap

Blogging has taken a serious backseat this week. We’ve been busy! The holidays turn us all into crazy people, don’t they? If by crazy, you mean relaxed. Because I did a whole heck of a lot of that over the break.

This year, M and I drove up to Boston to spend time with his side of the family. It was nice! We’ve spent most holidays with my family, which I’ve loved, but I really wanted to get to know his people. We drove up after work on Wednesday and stayed through Saturday.

The trip had many highlights. Here they are, in no particular order.

My sleeping quarters. 

photo (11)

So this was cool. I stayed in M’s nephew’s room. He’s 18 and a recent high school grad. Check out these posters! He has great taste and his room was artfully decorated. I forgot how cool posters are.

The food.

photo (10)

I feel like this photo doesn’t fully capture how good the food was. M’s brother was a chef in a past life, so everything was cooked to perfection. My favorite moment: M asked if I wanted gravy (I hate gravy), and I declined. His brother said, “Oh, no. You’re having some gravy. I slaved over this for three days.” Apparently this gravy had been cooked down and cooked down and so forth. And it was amazing. Best gravy I’ve ever tested (don’t tell my family!).

The basement workouts.

photo (8)

I didn’t want to totally wreck my fitness regime while in Boston. So, I chose to work out each morning in the basement. Thankfully, M’s brother had a set of weights and this cool mirror. But the basement was pretty cold. And the dog wouldn’t leave me alone. But still, it was a nice way to start my mornings.

How M wore an Italia sweatshirt all weekend.

photo (9)

It was pretty cold in Boston. We had to resort to thermal hoodies and layers of sweats. M decided to borrow his niece’s Italia shirt. Now I can’t picture him in anything else.

And there you have it. We maxed, we relaxed, and we ate. The perfect holiday vacation!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Looks like the perfect holiday weekend! How nice you got a chance to enjoy time with M’s family. If they’re the kind of people that borrow each other’s Italia sweatshirts, they sound like a wonderful bunch 🙂

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