Rose: Soon it will be … Christmas Day

Sundays at home have become one of my favorite days. Snuggling in, taking care of crafts and projects, cooking large pots of soup. I get so much accomplished during these peaceful days. And yesterday, with Jersey’s first snow fall, it was quite perfect indeed.

Every year I make my own Christmas cards, which has become quite the feat. I’ve been doing this since 2008, and my list of recipients has nearly doubled since then! Nevertheless, I enjoy coming up with new ideas for these cards and writing personal messages. This weekend, amidst a 6K and fun in Philadelphia with some friends, I finished writing out all 75+ cards for family and friends. It feels good to have these ready to go; they’ll ship tomorrow.

Not only that, but I wrapped ALL of my Christmas presents. I have a big family, so this took a straight two hours. Thank goodness I’ve found The Killing on Netflix to keep me occupied. I watched many an episode yesterday.


I was also able to make a banner for my upcoming Ugly Sweater Party – “Merry” with triangle flags. I love the way it turned out. And I decided that instead of buying “real art,” I think I’ll just start decorating with banners like these. A word for every month. Or something like that. It’s much cheaper, and it gives me a reason to work with my hands!

When life gets too busy, these Sundays are simply perfect. I pound it out, day after day – working, eating, sleeping, exercising. It feels good to have time to delight in the simple joys of a holiday season.

How are you getting ready for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Rose: Soon it will be … Christmas Day

  1. Girl, you are on the BALL! I am a complete slacker when compared to all you’ve already done to prepare for Christmas. I’m still browsing the interwebs for gift ideas on a few harder-to-buy-for people. I haven’t even transferred funds from the gift savings account to the regular spending account! Cards? Letters? Wrapping? Not even a thought in my brain until I read this. I am so far behind this year, LOL

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