Rose: Christmas Crafts

Every Christmas I try and outdo myself from the year. I try and make better cards and better crafts. Eventually, this system will get the best of me. But this year, I’m still feeling satisfied with what I’ve crafted.

In recent years I did the whole handmade gift thing. While I enjoyed the process, I spent way too much money on citric acid (for homemade bath salts). Plus I’m not sure whether people actually used them. So, I focused on the outer shell of my gifts this year.

I was inspired by a class at Paper Source that I never actually attended (I went on the wrong night). Of course, I paid the $25 to attend, and so I demanded the materials. Not knowing what I was doing, I made these crafts up based on what materials they gave me. I was especially pleased with how they turned out – especially the snowman fellow.


The box was quite beautiful, too, so I saved it for my boss. The other jars and packages went to my new coworkers. I filled them with treats from Thomas Sweet, a candy store in town. Everyone was quite pleased with what they received.

I didn’t go too crazy this year. These gifts and my cards took plenty of hours to create. Perhaps next year I’ll get back into the handmade gift thing. We’ll see in another year. 🙂

Do you craft for the holidays?


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