Rose: Taking a Rest

I’m serious about my rest days. M will often ask me on a Sunday if I want to go hiking. “No way,” I’ll say. “It’s my rest day.” I need that recovery and a day to do absolutely nothing.

Rest days are especially important for those who exercise. I’m currently following Focus T25, Gamma phase, which centers around “getting ripped.” I’m looking to gain lean muscle mass, and so, it’s important for me to rest my muscles so they can strengthen and grow. Right now I am using dumbbells, in some form or another, nearly every day. So my days to rest are cherished.

But what about rest days that aren’t exercise-related? Like mental health days? Or rest and recovery days so you don’t get sick? Well those, I’m not so good at.


As this week has progressed, I continue to feel myself getting more worn down. In the midst of work stresses, I’ve also had a slew of issues with my cat, causing me to run around a bit frantically. Plus, it’s Christmas and so on, and so on. You know the excuses.

I’ve always been one to charge ahead, even if I am under the weather. I think this stems back to the days of my father saying, “Just tough it out,” when I thought I needed to go to the hospital (I never actually needed to go). I always think I can just continue on, but I’m learning the hard way that not only is rest important for my body – it’s important for my overall health.

So tonight, my plan is simple. Go home, get in my 25-minute workout and have a nice dinner. Perhaps I’ll do a bit of packing for my trip, or perhaps I won’t. I’ll enjoy the comforts of my cozy apartment and long-stretching couch. I’ll finally do something to get this cold to go away. I’ll drink tea. I’ll (maybe) read a book. I won’t think about anything I have to do, and focus on what I need to do to feel better.

How do you rest?


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