Rose: Fashion Friday

On this week’s installment of Fashion Friday: So. Many. Shoes.

While prepping for the ladies night that never happened, I went on a shoe spree. I am not one for shoes. Anyone can tell you that. This dates back to the college days when my friend Amber would force new shoes upon me. I wore the same brown shoes with everything. You know the kind I’m talking about. Needless to say, they didn’t do much for the feet. Today’s shoes are a whole new world.

photo (14)

Because I’m still modest and need comfortable shoes, I went to Aerosoles. You won’t find a dramatic pink heal here. You will, however, find an array of cute boots and pumps. At the urging of the shoe master, I tried on the darlings above and came home with them: a pair of black bumps with laces, brown “booties,” and a classic taupe heel.

Adding these three to my wardrobe was important. I didn’t even really know what a pump was until I went. The booties are a nice addition and seem to make me look taller. And all my other heels are black, so a change will be nice.

photo (12)

Above was my attempt at making the booties work. I don’t know if I pulled it off, but my internet friends said it looked fine. Cuffed skinny leg pant, a colorful top. My only wish was that the shirt be just a wee bit longer. I felt like I was pulling on it all day long.

Here’s to another week of fashion. Wish me luck.


Rose: Flu shots

I think, finally, I am on the mend. I’ve heeded the advice of others to rest, rest, rest. I did so much of that I found myself legitimately bored. There are only so many TV shows to watch, so many books to read, before one goes stir crazy in a house. And so I forced myself back to work yesterday, got through the day and went to bed as early as possible. I came equipped with Halls and Lysol wipes, for protection.

photo (16)

While I think my immune system is generally in tip-top shape, I’m not surprised this cold happened. These negative temps have been hard to manage, especially with a mile walk to and from my car each day. Since I can’t live a hermit life just yet, I have to be outside. And there are lots of germs and icky things floating through the air. I generally get one cold per year, similar to this one, where I have to stay home for a day or so. It’s usually knocked out of my system within a week or two. I’ve grown accustomed to this winter routine.

And so, I find myself surprised when people badger me about flu shots. When they see I’m sick, the first thing they ask is: “Did you get a flu shot?” No, I did not get a flu shot. Not once in my life have I received a flu shot. I’m okay with that decision. The flu shot is a only prediction of what flu strains may surface. You could technically be getting a shot for nothing, if they’ve predicted wrong. And I don’t like medicine. If I can get away from taking it, I will.

I might be overly sensitive about this matter, but I feel asking whether you got a flu shot is sort of a breach of privacy. I don’t ask my friends or coworkers what prescriptions they take. If someone is diagnosed with an illness, I don’t ask if xyz was the cause. I’m not sure when people started getting so worked up about the flu shot. My guess is that they fear it’ll spread to them. But wouldn’t they be safe if they got the flu shot?

This is more of a rant than a blog post. Do you see what being sick and stir crazy does to a woman? Godspeed, my fellow sickies.

Jenna: Winter Blues Cure

This weather has really been getting me down. Philadelphia has gotten a TON of snow this winter, and its been bitter cold for the last few weeks. Especially since I walk or take public transit everywhere, the temps that have been in the teens for weeks are really trying.

I miss bike rides! And running outside! And not having to bundle up in three layers to exit the building! Work had me running out and reviewing files a lot of the weekend (in the snow) so I was feeling extra grumpy.

However, I’ve been trying to stay positive. Today my great friend Dana (you should check our her awesome photos on Instagram @sustyhops) suggested we get out for brunch, take a snowy walk, and enjoy the few rays of sunshine peaking through the clouds.

This alley was awesome. It sorta made me feel like a superhero.


Photo Credit: Dana Falstad @sustyhops

We then walked over to Washington Square and had some fun jumping around. Literally.


It’s amazing what just a LITTLE bit of sunshine can do. For just a minute, I forgot that “frozen face” feeling.


Here’s hoping it warms up soon! I may need to start planning a warm vacation…

Rose: Rest, Rest, Rest

This weekend was going to be one for the books. I had big plans. Jenna and I were going to have a ladies night in Philly on Saturday. We’d been looking forward to it for weeks. Then, on Saturday, I woke up with a sore throat.

I texted Jenna, who responded by saying that she, too, felt under the weather. We decided it was in our best interest to cancel ladies’ night. All that preparation – the shoes, the shirts, the clothes – out the window. But at least I’ll be prepared for next time.

Thank goodness we did cancel, however, as I have only gotten sicker. I went to dinner Saturday night with a few friends and, by the end of it, I couldn’t wait to get home. I couldn’t even talk by the end of the night. On Sunday, I couldn’t get out of bed. I slept most of the day. My fever was above 100 at one point. I literally couldn’t move – my body was that sore. And I was getting headaches from sleeping so much. But that rest was so important.

photo (11)

I took a sick day today, and I’ve been trying my best to rest. It’s hard for me. I’m used to being on the go 80% of the time, and so sitting around, drinking tea and sleeping is kind of a chore. But I know it’s in my best interest as yesterday’s sleep really knocked the sickness out of me. And the rest is continuing to help today.

For all of you that feel a cold coming around, I want to give you some advice: REST. Before it strikes, REST. Even if you think you can handle a workout or a trip to the grocery store, DON’T DO IT. This has happened to me one too many times now. When I first felt that sore throat on Saturday, I should’ve stayed in bed a bit longer. I shouldn’t have attempted a 60-minute workout. I probably shouldn’t have gone out to dinner, either.

Sometimes the best lessons come from the most awful experiences. At least I’m on the mend now. Stay warm this winter, my friends.

Jenna: Single Leg Bridge Ups

Hi Friends! Hope you had a great weekend.

There are days when working out on my lunch break fits better into my schedule. When possible, I love T25 and Turbofire and fit those in in the evening at home. (email me or comment below if you have any questions on either of these workouts) But there are days I have to hit the work gym to get in my workouts.



I’ve been working on mixing up my workouts at the work gym. I tend to ignore my core, because I really just don’t like the moves. Period. I’ve also been getting really bored of lunges and squats to work my legs. I was researching some and found Single Leg Bridge Ups. Click here if you need some more info, but here’s the gist.

Start in bridge post like this:


Be sure to focus on keeping your hips as high in the air as possible. And also, don’t attempt to take pictures for your blog, and keep your hands on the ground 🙂

Next, pick up each leg individually and hold for 1o seconds.

workgym2Do three or four sets on each leg. Hamstrings, glutes, calves, lower back, and quads are ALL worked with this move. You’ll feel it in the morning!

Next step? Throwing out old work pants that no longer fit 😉