Rose: Time to Radiate

I’m with Jenna in regards to 2012: it just wasn’t a good year. And so, I vowed that 2013 wouldn’t be like that.

I chose “fortitude” as my guiding word for 2013. The year before had been “patience,” and I sure needed a lot of that. But I didn’t handle my stressors well that year. I chose “fortitude” because I wanted to face my challenges with strength. And throughout 2013, I tried to do that each and every day.

Because 2012 was sooo bad, I subconsciously expected 2013 to follow suit. But here’s the kicker: it was a really great year. Although my grandmother passed away, which was incredibly hard, the year had many successes. I got my life back in order. I made my health a priority again, and I began helping others achieve their fitness goals. I moved across the state and got my dream job at a world-renowned university. I’m finally, finally in the same town with M, and we are having a blast together. I’m financially secure for the first time in my life. I’m still making books and getting to be creative. And I’m writing freelance articles and writing creatively as often as I can. And there are more big projects on the horizon. How could I complain about a year like that?

And so, as we venture into 2014 – my 30th year in existence – I’m choosing a positive word to guide me. RADIATE.


I want to take all of these things, and shine bright. I want emit positive energy and light into this world. I want to share my love of fitness and health with others. I want my words to make an impact, and my books to create a memory. I want to continue loving my every days with M and Scone and this new life. I want to continue stepping into me, each and every day.

I have a feeling this year is going to be one of the best. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Rose: Time to Radiate

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