Jenna: Dear self, read this before drinking

Considering most of you have stumbled across our blog because you are interested in the topics that surround navigating a healthy lifestyle, I’m hoping you’ll find the following post helpful too. I’m really writing it as a reminder to myself after a late night of drinking. As I’ve talked about many times before, life happens. Booze happens. I don’t drink very often these days, and sometimes I forget that my body can’t handle it like it use to.

Dear Self:

You can NOT drink like you use to. You are almost 30. You weight 40 pounds less. You are eating much healthier, therefore the slices of pizza in your stomach to soak up alcohol are no longer there. You must realize this and wise up or else you’re going to feel like death, not want to work out, and probably eat that pizza. That’s just not good for anyone. Please follow these instructions before heading out for drinks: 

Eat some CARBS. Yes, carbs. And at least two hours before.

Drink two liters of water during the day, and at least two waters while out. Just order the damn water.

No shots. Ever. Just say no.

And when shots sound like a good idea, its probably time to go home.

Stick to one type of alcohol. Preferably vodka or gin.

Reasons to follow these instructions: 

Alcohol is poison. Fun poison, but still poison. It’s not good for your insides, specifically your stomach and kidneys that you already have trouble with.

You never sleep well when you overindulge. For some reason you wake up at 6am no matter what, and that just makes everything worse.

Booze was a big reason you couldn’t drop weight. Don’t over do it.

If you over do it, you will NOT workout the next day. And you’ll have an awful headache.

You always feel off the next day mentally. A hangover just doesn’t put you in a good place, and you tend to obsess over the things that happened because you can’t stand not being in control. You know its true.

What do you do to prevent over doing it? What conversation do you with yourself before heading out?


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