Jenna: It’s just so cold

I’m about to repeat something that has been posted on the internet 1 gazilllion times this week: ITS FREAKING FREEZING.

This is my second winter in Philadelphia, and its a doozy. The heat hasn’t been working well in my apartment. The water doesn’t really get hot. I have wind burn on my face. Since I live in the city and walk everywhere, sub zero wind chills really affect my every day routine!


It has really affected my mood and motivation to work out. After walking home almost a mile when its 10 degrees, then grabbing the dog and heading back out, the last thing I want to do is change clothes and sweat. It’s just so cold.

However, I decided today that I needed to stop being grumpy and get over it. I needed to STOP MAKING EXCUSES. (I’ve found in my old age I really don’t have tolerance for excuses. Even from myself.) So, I made a plan.
Today, I left the office around 5:45pm and headed to the work gym. I ran three miles on the treadmill and then lifted weights. Then I showered and put back on my winter attire to walk home. Worked like a charm! I even had a warmer atmosphere than my apartment to shower in.

I got home at about 7:15pm, walked the dog, and ate dinner. It was a packed day and I’m already sore but it was really worth it to get out of my slump. No more excuses!

How do you tackle getting motivated to work out in this weather?


One thought on “Jenna: It’s just so cold

  1. I’m with you: I HAVE to do it before I am in a cold environment or I’m much less likely to do it. I don’t make excuses, I just don’t do it! My office does not offer a gym though, so my work-around is doing workouts that don’t require me to change. Nothing high-impact. So I have been doing more weight training and less cardio.

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