Jenna: More About Balance

Sometimes our days throw us off. Something doesn’t happen just like it should, and it seems like my schedule goes out the window and I’m scrambling to get back on track.

I’ve tried to get better about being flexible. Before, if my scheduled workout didn’t happen I’d say “screw it” and try to fit it in the next day.

Today was one of those. For example, I planned to get up early and workout before work. That just didn’t happen. I hit snooze about 4 times, and it was raining outside. The thought of walking my dog alone kept me in bed, let alone getting dressed and heading to the gym. Then, I entered a pretty hectic and distracting day at work. My plan was to workout at lunch. I was even invited to eat with colleagues and turned them down (something really hard for me) to workout.

Well, meetings got changed, project deadlines adjusted, and before I knew it I had eaten lunch at my desk and never headed to the gym. Sigh.

However, I was still determined to figure this out. There was a 5:15pm yoga class that I received an email reminder for around 3pm. Score! However, I have prepaid and signed up for this class before and missed it (more times than I’d like to admit) because I can never get out of the office in time. Well today, I did it! My boss and I got done with a meeting at 5:05pm. I shut my computer, grabbed my bag, and didn’t look back.


I thought the Christmas lights were a really nice touch! I had a great 45 minute class. Even lifted a bit after, and then change and ran back to my desk to finish up some work.

Got home around 7pm, and cooked a healthy dinner. And here I sit with all of you. I miss yoga so much. I was lucky to find some free classes over the summer, and think its something I need to invest some $$$ in.

This was a great victory for me. Before, I would have NEVER made this happen. I want to talk more about the balance. More about how these little decisions add up to something big.

Share some of yours!


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