Rose: Counting Calories

I try not to get obsessive about counting calories. I used to be that girl. That girl was annoying. That girl was crazy and too thorough and often tired.

Since clean eating entered my life, calorie counting has gone away. Instead, I’ve reframed my mindset. Whole foods from the earth. Eat when hungry. Refill every two or three hours so I don’t become HANGRY. When you break it down this way, it’s really very simple. Unless you struggle with portion control, like me.

I eat plenty of the good stuff but sometimes – too much good stuff. I can outright admit that the organic, natural peanut butter I eat with an apple almost every evening is too much. I’m working on reigning it in. Another struggle? Not working out to my fullest potential. This has been actualized, in many ways, since I got a Heart Rate Monitor for Christmas.


That number on the screen? Yeah, that was after a 45-minute TurboFire workout, followed by 20 minutes of intense house cleaning. While I was stoked about burning that many calories on a Saturday, I soon realized that I actually don’t burn that many calories on the week days. I’ve begun tracking my daily calorie burn to find out that I’m averaging about 200 calories a day with my workouts. While that’s certainly enough to maintain my current weight and health, it’s not enough if I’m trying to lose weight. And I’m just a few pounds away from being in a healthy weight range for my height.

So I’m trying an experiment. I’m logging all of my workouts and calorie burns in a journal. This isn’t complex. Just the date, name of the workout and calorie burn. I’ve started adding in some quick HIIT workouts to my T25 routine to see if that boosts things along. Essentially, I am just trying to figure out what works for my body.

I’ll check in next week or so with an analysis. However, the last thing I want to do is get obsessive about this stuff. In the end, it’s just a blessing that I’m choosing to move and groove every day, and eat as clean as I can.

Do you count calories or track them using a HRM? Share your experiences in the comments.


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