Rose: Recipe of the Week

Clean eating is hard. It requires a lot of thought and planning. You have to carefully examine the foods you eat, especially the list of ingredients. Thankfully, many resources have already done this work for you. One of those is Clean and Green, an app I’ve been using to meal plan. This week I made a Sweet Potato and Zucchini Pie – large enough to feed a family for a week.


This recipe was time-intensive. You have to grate a medium-size zucchini as well as several sweet potatoes. After that, it’s pretty easy. You cook a bit of quinoa. Toss in some salt, peppers and eggs (as a binding ingredient). Bake it for 30 minutes at 360, and it makes a whole pan worth of clean-eating goodness.


One of my biggest struggles with clean eating is that I don’t feel full enough sometimes. And they can taste rather bland. This happened with this recipe. I suggested to M that we put them in wraps, and that seemed to help. He also added cheese and hot sauce to his portion. I find that adding in some random spices really brings these recipes to life.


While this recipe provided dinners for nearly a week, it wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped. A little spice (and cheese) helped. I’ll keep toying with the recipe until I figure it out!

I’m hoping to post an honest review of a Recipe for Week, like this one, every week. Look for these on Fridays!


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