Jenna: Win the Weekend

Weekends can be really tough if you’re trying to lose weight, increase your workouts each week, or eat better. Whether one or all of these are your goals, the weekend presents challenges and barriers to getting there. I really think learning to win the weekend was a major step to me reaching my goals. I still struggle with it, but keeping it top of mind a focused on it helps too. I may write a few posts around this topic, because I think there are a few parts to it, but here it goes.

Pick your battles.
The weekend is long. Some people kick there heels up Friday night, all of Saturday and all of Sunday. That can’t happen if you’re trying to reach some weight loss goals. The whole time I was working toward (and still do) it I still went out. I still ate pizza. I still went to brunch. But I picked one (maybe two if there was something special) to do on the weekend.  I certainly didn’t do all three.
For example, if brunch is your jam and you know you’ll consume a 1200 calorie entree and a few mimosas, don’t go out for 3 400 calorie beers and late night pizza the night before. We all know its very easy to do both.

Schedule a special workout.
A great thing about the weekend is we have more time! Grab a buddy and go to a class you’ve always wanted to try, but maybe don’t have time to fit in during the weekend. Have you been wanting to try that new barre studio but can never make it to the 5:45pm class? Research it during the week, pre pay so you are bound, and go to that Saturday afternoon aerial yoga class. Fitting in a high calorie burn on the weekend can off set some of the fun. And you’ll feel accomplished too.

Change your attitude.
Yes, the weekend is for rest. However, when you have some serious goals to reach, you can’t rest all weekend. I’ve heard so many people say “yeah, but its the weekend. I worked really hard all week.” Yes so don’t blow it now! Change your attitude about the weekend. See it as a chance to squeeze in extra long workouts and to cook extra healthy meals because you have more time.

How do you win the weekend?



2 thoughts on “Jenna: Win the Weekend

  1. I love this! This is exactly how I managed to lose weight and keep friends/a life. You can still have fun just like you can still eat foods you love – everything in moderation and balance. 🙂

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