Rose: Fashion Friday

I have been making more of a concerted effort to be fashionable. I’m not sure why, but colors don’t make sense to me. I don’t know how to arrange or layer them. I don’t know what pops. I probably don’t even know what fits me well, but I’m experimenting. I have a few lady friends to thank for this. They are helping me step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Plus, I’ve decided to give myself a monthly “budget” toward buying clothes. It was never a priority in the past, and it shows.

One resource I love is Shop it to Me. You sign up for your favorite stores, and they send you deals. I have always been a huge fan of Ann Taylor Loft, and I recently took advantage of one of their sales. At the risk of the dress not fitting, I ordered this beautiful red gem. This was inspired by my boss, who wears an incredible red dress to some of our events at work. The good news? It ended up fitting perfectly!

photo (4)

Over Christmas I happened upon a shop called Caroline G. She had mega sales throughout the holidays, and I ended up buying necklaces for four women in my family. I also bought myself several necklaces, including this one. I’ve found that it really dresses up a plain shirt, and it also seems to work with most colors. Do you like the red lips? I am also experimenting with lip gloss 🙂

photo (7)

This was my ultra-preppy look of last Friday. We’re able to dress down and wear jeans that day. I had this old collared, ruffled tank from a former Shop it to Me sale (about two years ago). I think it’s from NY & Company. I paired it with my favorite sweater – a burnt orange – and a gold necklace. What I loved: because the tank was sleeveless, I didn’t feel like I was wearing tons of layers. I hate that feeling. I paired this with skinny black jeans and my favorite black boots.

photo (5)

This was another sale item from Ann Taylor Loft. A friend of mine said the image looked like a broken TV screen. I’m not crazy about this shirt, but I’ve made it work. I bought an XS because it looked flowy. The trouble is that it doesn’t sit well on my hips (too tight) but the top is too loose. But I’ve been pairing it with a black sweater and just wearing it to work when I don’t have anything else. For $10, I really can’t complain.

photo (6)

I’m hoping to make Fashion Friday a regular feature on the blog. But you know what that means – I have to actually be fashionable 🙂


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