Jenna: Winter Blues Cure

This weather has really been getting me down. Philadelphia has gotten a TON of snow this winter, and its been bitter cold for the last few weeks. Especially since I walk or take public transit everywhere, the temps that have been in the teens for weeks are really trying.

I miss bike rides! And running outside! And not having to bundle up in three layers to exit the building! Work had me running out and reviewing files a lot of the weekend (in the snow) so I was feeling extra grumpy.

However, I’ve been trying to stay positive. Today my great friend Dana (you should check our her awesome photos on Instagram @sustyhops) suggested we get out for brunch, take a snowy walk, and enjoy the few rays of sunshine peaking through the clouds.

This alley was awesome. It sorta made me feel like a superhero.


Photo Credit: Dana Falstad @sustyhops

We then walked over to Washington Square and had some fun jumping around. Literally.


It’s amazing what just a LITTLE bit of sunshine can do. For just a minute, I forgot that “frozen face” feeling.


Here’s hoping it warms up soon! I may need to start planning a warm vacation…


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