Rose: Fashion Friday

On this week’s installment of Fashion Friday: So. Many. Shoes.

While prepping for the ladies night that never happened, I went on a shoe spree. I am not one for shoes. Anyone can tell you that. This dates back to the college days when my friend Amber would force new shoes upon me. I wore the same brown shoes with everything. You know the kind I’m talking about. Needless to say, they didn’t do much for the feet. Today’s shoes are a whole new world.

photo (14)

Because I’m still modest and need comfortable shoes, I went to Aerosoles. You won’t find a dramatic pink heal here. You will, however, find an array of cute boots and pumps. At the urging of the shoe master, I tried on the darlings above and came home with them: a pair of black bumps with laces, brown “booties,” and a classic taupe heel.

Adding these three to my wardrobe was important. I didn’t even really know what a pump was until I went. The booties are a nice addition and seem to make me look taller. And all my other heels are black, so a change will be nice.

photo (12)

Above was my attempt at making the booties work. I don’t know if I pulled it off, but my internet friends said it looked fine. Cuffed skinny leg pant, a colorful top. My only wish was that the shirt be just a wee bit longer. I felt like I was pulling on it all day long.

Here’s to another week of fashion. Wish me luck.


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