Jenna: Strength

Hello friends!

Workout and eating wise, things have been going really well around here. I’ve had some distractions in other aspects on my life, and when this happens, I find myself focusing even more. It’s my escape.

Saturday I went to Flywheel  and then spend some of my tax return at Lululemon on a sports bra and these amazing compression running leggings.  (How cute are Beaux’s doggie toes in the background?) NSV: I needed smaller sizes of both.


On Sunday, I actually got to RUN. OUTSIDE! I was so excited. I really needed this mentally, and the weather was pretty much perfect. Got in a solid three miles. I could tell that my treadmill training had paid off, because each mile was faster than my last outdoor run.

Yesterday I hit the work gym and focused on strength. Today, I did Turbokick over lunch and yoga after work. I also got my hands on this awesome Old Navy tank.  Has anyone checked out their fitness stuff? I’m definitely going to buy some because it looked awesome.


As I shared with my Instagram followers this evening, “Always remember you’re stronger than you think you are.” Stuff feels kind of crappy right now. I have a lot to sort out in my head. BUT I have to stay focused and remember to take my own advice 🙂


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