Rose: Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday is a bit of a cop-out. You’ve seen all these pieces before, but not together. It’s been a long and busy week, and fashion has, admittedly, not been on the forefront of my mind. But I’m deciding how to use my monthly clothes budget, and I think a new going-out dress is on the list. I found a couple nice finds on Zappos.

That said, I think today is Wear Red for Women Day, and I accidentally did that. We have an evening event at work, and we should all look our best. So, I decided to break out that red dress once again with my new black suede pumps. Not only am I taller, but I do feel more confident. Funny how that works.


I tried a blazer with this dress, but M agreed that I looked funny. Something about me and blazers. I think my torso is too small, and I’m too short. They always make me look frumpy. But not with jeans – I can pull them off with jeans. Just not this dress. That’s okay.

How are you being fashionable this Friday?


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