Rose: Burpee Park!

For those of you not following me on Instagram, this should give you a chuckle. Over the weekend, M and I visited the small, hip town of Doylestown, Pa. We’d heard this was a happening hood, and we weren’t mistaken. There is a lot going on throughout those cute Pennsylvania streets. We went to bookstores, a few boutiques and had a nice lunch. On our way out of time, we passed by this park, and I couldn’t stop laughing:


If it hadn’t been winter, I would have made M pull over, get out the camera and film me doing a set of 10 or 20 burpees in Burpee Park. Here’s a park for all the health fanatics!

Oh, and while tooling around town, I tried my first-ever Quest bar. They weren’t bad. I bought a box of the new flavor: Cookies n’ Cream. This was good but not as good as I’d been told. Maybe it’s the flavor? Nevertheless, I’ll still finish the box. At 21 grams of protein for bar, they’ll get me through some hungry times.


Okay. Those are my health finds for the weekend. What were yours?


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