Rose: Fashion Friday

I am working on taking more risks with my fashion. My friend Kelly is always saying, “More color!” It doesn’t matter if it’s a blank wall in my apartment or the socks under my shoes. This is her mantra. So, I decided to finally bust out the yellow/orange tights I bought months ago. I’ve been far too nervous to wear these, but once I got them on, I felt a little more confident. Plus, I thought they went quite well with my new brown “booties” and my navy blue and white polka dot dress from Anthropologie.

photo (24)

Admittedly, I don’t wear this dress often because I sometimes feel uncomfortable in it. It’s rather tight in the waistline, and it really accentuates the bust. Without the sweater, it just doesn’t hour-glass my body in the right way. It’s hard to explain. But I was pleased with the way this outfit turned out. It just goes to show that a little evening planning the night before goes a long way.

[Sweater: Old Navy, Necklace: Caroline G., Dress: Anthropologie, Boots: Aerosoles, Tights: Hue]


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