Rose: DIY Valentines

I make handmade cards for two occasions: Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The Christmas cards usually require a lot of time and materials. But the valentines are a little different. These love cards go out to only a few select people. I love this annual craft project because it allows me to really hone in and get creative.

This year, my mind kept coming back to the heart-and-arrows image seen so often on Valentine’s Day. But I wanted to put my own spin on it. These cards emerged the way most of my ideas do – through trial and error. I cut a few hearts until I got one that was right. Then I mixed and matched the colors, eventually creating multiple arrows (for multiple messages).

photo (6)

Even though I think Valentine’s Day is a bit Hallmark, I still think it’s a good holiday to tell someone why they are loved. I decided to use the arrows to display adjectives describing my closest family and friends. I actually added the arrows at the last minute. I realized that, without the arrows, the tabs could get buried inside the hearts! It was a bit tricky, creating enough room behind the heart for the tabs to slide in and out. In the end, everything seemed to work out.

photo (5)

I do realize that one of these cards is not like the other. I’d been working with regular construction paper until I remember I had some old, funky wrapping paper from Christmas. Too bad I realized on the last card. :/ Still, I like the color combinations that emerged.

This is what the card looks like when all the arrows have been pulled. I made sure to write on the envelopes, “Be sure to pull the arrows!” Without being there in person, you never know if a person will understand the dynamics of an interactive card. Hopefully they got the message:

photo (7)

The project reminded me of the Valentine Day cards of yore. I went through old albums on my computer finding cards from each year from 2009 to present. I’ve made quite a variety over the years, but the hearts always seem to remain. I hope the recipients were pleased with their personalized valentine!

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