Jenna: Take Care

I have been so sick for over a week now. I’m pretty sure I had two things at once. First a really awful virus, that then morphed into some type of sinus infection/bronchitis type thing.

I am the WORST patient ever. It’s funny, because I put such an emphasis on taking care of myself through health and fitness, but when it comes to resting when I need it I am AWFUL.

I came into work Monday, because I had a pretty big meeting I couldn’t reschedule. I looked and sounded awful. I was suppose to travel for work T-Th and attend a PiYo training on Sunday. Based on the advice of some really awesome people that care a lot about me, I cancelled both. I must say, I feel a sense of relief. I headed to the doctor Tuesday, and got some medicine. I think it’s working, but I still feel just so worn out. Around 11am I start to sorta fade, and everything becomes kind of cloudy.

I haven’t worked out in almost a week, so that has been bothering me. But I really need to learn that its ok to be sick. It’s ok to take a rest, and not push myself. I think I’m always afraid of seeming weak, backing out on commitments, or letting people down. I really need to start making myself the number one priority. It’s something I am working on. ¬†Especially because when others are sick I tell them to rest, take it easy, and love on themselves. I think I need to start taking my own advice!


I really hope I start feeling better soon, because I HATE being sick and off my routine. Looking forward to a restful few days, and getting back on it next week!

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